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When is Nutrition Month?

On 30th August 2020, PM Modi addressed the nation through his radio program ‘ Mann Ki Baat’ and talked about the various changes that we as a society must adopt in order to promote good health and the Economy of the nation. He emphasized on the need for a nutritionist diet and declared the month of September as the ‘Nutrition Month‘. The Prime Minister said ‘ For our children and our students to display their optimum potential, show their mettle; nutrition and proper nourishment play a very big role. The month of September will be observed as ‘Nutrition Month’ in the entire nation.’

What will happen during the Nutrition Month?

In order to create awareness among the people for a nutritious diet, the nutrition month will include various activities in order to engage people. During nutrition month, a food and nutrition quiz will be organized on MyGov portal and there will be a meme competition. PM Modi said that people should participate and also encourage the others to participate in this competition.

We have a maxim – ‘Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam’ which means that our mental and intellectual development is directly affected by the kind of food we eat, thus it is necessary to create nutrition awareness. The schools too will have nutrition monitor, who will take care of it,

Nutritious Diet for Pregnant Women

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Taking about the importance of a nutritious diet for a pregnant woman, PM Modi said that a child in the womb of a mother has better growth and development if the mother is eating good nutritious food. Thus the mothers must take a nutrition-rich diet.

Global Nutrition Report

The Global Nutrition Report 2020 stated that India is among 88 countries that are likely to miss global nutrition targets by 2025. It also identified the country as one with the highest rates of domestic inequalities in malnutrition

37.9% of children under 5 years are stunted and 20.8% are wasted, compared to the Asia average of 22.7% and 9.4% respectively.
Rate of overweight and obesity continues to rise, affecting almost a fifth of the adults, at 21.6% of women and 17.8% of men.
One in two women of reproductive age is anemic.

How to take Nutritious diet

healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve overall health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate calories. A healthy diet may contain fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and includes little to no processed food and sweetened beverages.

PersonCalorie requirements
Sedentary children: 2–8 years1,000–1,400
Active children: 2–8 years1,000–2,000
Females: 9–13 years1,400–2,200
Males: 9–13 years1,600–2,600
Active females: 14–30 years2,400
Sedentary females: 14–30 years1,800–2,000
Active males: 14–30 years2,800–3,200
Sedentary males: 14–30 years2,000–2,600
Active people: 30 years and over2,000–3,000
Sedentary people: 30 years and over1,600–2,400

Following the footsteps of PM Modi, Satisfied Buddha too has taken the oath to help in making India Healthy by helping people switch to Nutrition rich diet. We drive our mission from the nutrition guideline given by PM Modi, ‘ Health is the Greatest Gift’

The nutrition rich Diet will bear the maximum fruits when coupled with a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Routine. Switch to a a healthy life with Satisfied Buddha.