Memory foam mattresses have become a fad amongst health enthusiasts. And these mattresses are well worth the hype.

Memory Foam Mattresses are basically a special supportive mattress that molds according to your body shape by deriving heat and pressure from your body.
This property of Memory foam mattress helps in providing complete and even support the body at every point so that a person can sleep comfortably in the right positions.

It has a support foam along with springs and it was first designed by NASA to help astronauts in coping up with extreme pressure changes while entering and exiting the earth’s atmosphere.
It is also known as visco-elastic foam.


Memory foam mattress aligns according to the shape of your body and provides optimal spinal support and joint support for a comfortable sleep.

As it contours along your body shape, it creates a temporary sleeping zone for you on your bed where you can snuggle in for the entire night.

It evenly distributes the weight of your body for providing complete rest to all the parts of the body . This helps in reducing pains , aches and preventing blockage in blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Memory foam mattresses are extremely helpful for people who often get sprains in their neck and other joints during sleep.

These mattresses are made up of visco-elastic material which can’t be invaded by dust mites, thus, they fairly reduce the chances of skin allergies due to mattress.