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The eighth book by the famous writer, Amish Tripathi new book, Legend of Suheldev: King Who Saved India is the first book of the Indic Chronicles.

The Legend of Suheldev: King Who Saved India

Release Date: 20th June 2020
Publisher: Westland Publications Pvt Ltd
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN: 10: 1717811051.
Chapter: 34
Language: English

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Books

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The book portrays the life of a forgotten Indian Ruler, King Suheldev, who united North India in the Battle of Bahraich in 1034, against the invading army of Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud.

Legend of Suheldev

With the announcement of so many new books, what struck the audience most was Amish Tripathi New Book. Famous for portraying history in the most engaging and beautiful form, this book is set in the 11th century India.

The book starts with Mahmud of Ghazni’s invasion of the Somnath Temple and the massacre that followed. The book continues to document the adventures of the forgotten warrior kind Sukhdev and how he brought together people from all faiths.

Tripathi said the idea behind writing the book was “to bring to national consciousness an inspiring story that has been ignored in the pages of Indian history“.

This book is also the first one written under the Immortal Writers’ Centre. Immortal Writer’s Centre is a team of writers who assist Amish in conducting research for his books and composing first drafts. The concept, however, comes from the author himself and he clears the manuscript.

Legend of Suheldev Book Review

I just read the latest book by Amish Tripathi, Legend of Suheldev. Though I am not a big fan of historical stories, this book was a good read. Though giving too many details can spoil the book for you, but what is important is that is talks about the efforts of powerful and strong King Suheldev to save Mother india.

Though the true Amish Tripathi touch is missing, the book delivers a great read. Now let us discuss some good and not so good points about the book.

What is good about Suheldev by Amish

Few Characters: The book has very few characters, and all have been developed very carefully and in-depth, giving each a back story.

Well covered facts: Though I have not read history that much, but on cross verifying, the facts mentioned in the book are well researched and in-line with the story.

Ancient History: Unlike many books today which have forgotten the ancient history of India, and are more focused on modern history after the Britishers. This book is set in ancient history and does full justice to it.

What I didn’t like in suheldev by Amish Tripathi

Lack of Strong Storytelling: Despite the Story being very engaging and worth telling, it has not been written very nicely. The Book does not connect with the audience and does not keep you engaged for long.

Amish Narration: The Amish Tripathi way of writing and narration is what you miss in the entire storytelling.

Not so Convincing end: While I will not disclose the end, it could have been made more interesting.

Weak Villain: The Villain of the story does not have a very strong character. He has been portrayed as a weak link in the story.


While one would want to pick up the book from the store or order online, do not keep your expectations too high. It is not close to the other Amish Tripathi Books, and despite informing you about the King will not stay with you for long.

Amish Tripathi

Famous for his beautiful portrayal of history and mythology, Amish Tripathi is loved by his readers. He became famous through his Shiva Trilogy which has three books:

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He has also written the Ramchandra Series, for which he won the Raymond Crossword Popular Fiction Award.

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Known for his books like the ‘Shiva Trilogy’, the author has confirmed that he is working on the fourth book in his Ram Chandra series, the sequel to ‘Raavan – Enemy of Aryavarta’.

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